Old, Local and Foreign with Prin Polsuk and Cho Hee-sook

An edible exploration of Thai and Korean cultures


3,500 THB* (for 2)​

A nine course exploration of Thai and Korean flavours, by chefs Cho Hee-sook (Asia’s Best Female Chef 2020) of Hansikgonggan (KR) and Prin Polsuk of Samrub for Thai (TH). Compare the flavours and styles of their homes from yours in an interactive live stream.


• Delivered meal for two diners
• Private live stream access
• Live-streamed cooking demonstrations
• DJ set by Jesse You in Seoul
• Q&A with chefs
• Zero-waste, reusable food packaging

includes food, delivery, and custom packaging for 2 diners. Alcohol is available as an additional purchase.

Menus and Program

The live stream

Chefs in two countries joined diners from across the city to discuss, demonstrate, and detail the historic recipes that make each of their restaurants tick. Music was served up by Jesse You, for an added helping of the Seoul soul food.
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The meal

From Korea to Thailand, chefs Prin and Cho collaborated to create a dining experience rooted in the foundational elements that link the two countries and their historic culinary cultures. From ferments to flavors, diners discovered how these distant regions connect—while connecting from a social distance.

The delivery

Basket, bags, and boxes packaged together in sustainable, stylish fashion. There’s no reason your dinner needs to add waste to the planet—and we took it one further. Enjoy your multi-purpose carry basket, Fruitfull diners.

People of the stream

Connected, while distanced—this is our virtual dining room. From chefs and artists, to diners and musicians, the live stream hosts everyone.

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