Innovative Osaka with
La Cime

A new way to experience Japanese bento

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Prices for 1
3,900 THB or 5,000 THB

The flavors and feeling of international Osaka, delivered to distanced diners. Two Michelin star bento, a cook-along CheeseSteak session by Shake Shack’s Mark Rosati, and a live stream connecting diners, chefs, and guest artists from around the world.


• Two level bento delivery
• Private live stream access
• Live Q&A with chefs
• Music performances
• DIY, Cook-along CheeseSteak
• Zero-waste food packaging

includes food, delivery, and custom packaging for 1 diner.

Menus and Program

The live stream

A tour of the Shinsekai neighborhood in Osaka with chef Yusuke Takada. A CheeseSteak cook along with Shake Shack’s Mark Rosati. Music performances by NIVATAK in three cities, and a DJ set to wrap up the meal by NIVATAK’s Ken Nishikawa. Plus Q&As, live discussions, and interactive dining from everyone’s homes in Bangkok.
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The meal

Two distinct bento boxes by Yusuke Takada, each more refined than the other: appetisers inspired by the eclectic internationalism of Osaka, and a Kansai-style sushi box. To finish, diners were delivered all the fixings for a genuine Philly CheeseSteak—developed by Shake Shack’s global culinary director, Mark Rosati. A DIY online cooking session made sure the ingredients made their way to the plate in juicy, cheesy style.

The delivery

Reusable, sustainable, and zero-waste—this is the Fruitfull delivery way. The bento was packed like treasure in wooden chests, and the CheeseSteak ingredients filled jars and boxes ready to cook. The whole set was wrapped in a reusable, multipurpose Fruitfull cloth from, fashioned from 100% recycled post-consumer cotton.

People of the stream

Connected, while distanced—this is our virtual dining room. From chefs and artists, to diners and musicians, the live stream hosts everyone.

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