Couch Party with Gaa

A cross-continental house party delivering flavours, chefs, and music of the world.


Prices for 2
3,900 THB or 6,500 THB

Eight courses of party bites developed by Michelin-starred chefs Garima Arora (TH), Jeremy Chan (UK) and Kristian Baumann (DK), as well as live-streamed music by Nick Luscombe and Suitman Jungle, connecting socially distanced diners and support communities in need.


• Delivered party bites
• Private live stream access
• Live cooking jam online with chefs
• DJ performances
• Q&A with chefs
• Zero-waste, reusable food packaging

includes food, delivery, and custom packaging for 2 diners. Alcohol is available as an additional purchase.

Menus and Program

The live stream

Chefs Garima, Kristian and Jeremy discussed the restaurant biz in the time of Covid-19, Suitman Jungle led a drum-along percussion session, and broadcaster/DJ Nick Luscombe took diners on a ride through the Tokyo suburbs with a music mix of Japanese New Age—all live on a stream that spanned the continents.
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The meal

Three chefs, three kitchens, three countries—creating a meal in Bangkok through the art of online collaboration. Following each international chef’s wildly successful pop-up dinners at Gaa with Garima Arora, the experience was replicated for the unique circumstances of Fruitfull Lockdown to showcase the talent and innovation of these Michelin-starred chefs.

The delivery

Packed in plate-by-numbers jars and boxes, meals were sent direct to diners’ doors—removing the barriers isolation has built to dining out, without generating excess waste. As a gift, diners also received a custom-designed, naturally-dyed cloth made by from 100% recycled cotton.

People of the stream

Connected, while distanced—this is our virtual dining room. From chefs and artists, to diners and musicians, the live stream hosts everyone.

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